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  • Green PPAs for your green energy future

    A secure and green energy future: for both electricity producers and consumers. We partner with plant operators for the direct marketing of green power and offer sustainable renewable power supply contracts.

    We use our extensive expertise in energy trading to support operators of renewable energy sources in marketing their electricity production and energy management processes. Our green "Power Purchase Agreements" - Green PPAs for short - are particularly helpful in this respect.

    Green PPAs are green power supply agreements. As an industrial customer, you can receive green power directly from its generator and thus make a contribution to the energy transition with your company. As a plant operator, you continue to have fixed and predictable income through this supply contract even after the EEG subsidy.

    Green PPAs at a glance

    • What are Green PPAs?

      Green PPAs (Green Power Purchase Agreements) are green power supply contracts, i.e. longer-term supply of electricity from renewable generation plants. As a consumer you can receive green power directly from the generator and thus contribute to the energy transition with your company. The price of a Green PPA consists of the price for the electricity as well as the value of the green characteristic of the electricity production, proven by the guarantees of origin (GoO). As operators of former EEG-subsidized plants they allow to have a continuous fixed and plannable income through this supply contract, even after the EEG subsidy, as well as an economic marketing option without EEG subsidy for new plants.

    • What services does STEAG provide when concluding a Green PPA?

      As STEAG, we offer our customers planning security in electricity marketing and protection against market price fluctuations through long-term terms and a customized price system. In addition, we support them in the energy management processes related to electricity marketing.

    • Are there any other services that STEAG provides?

      Due to STEAG´s technical know-how, which is based on years of experience, we offer support in the maintenance and servicing of your plants as part of our technical service.

    • What are guarantees of origin (GoO)?

      GoO are certificates that are issued for the production of green electricity and thus serve as proof of renewable electricity generation. For each MWh of renewable electricity, there is one guarantee of origin. A GoO is invalidated when the green electricity is delivered to consumers, in order to exclude double use.


    • What pricing models are possible?

      The pricing models are defined individually in direct exchange with the contractual partners - as standard we offer e.g. fixed price models.

    • What are the options for the contract term?

      The duration can be chosen between 1 and 10 years, depending on the needs of our customers.

    "We collect renewable generation capacity from old and new plants that are not or no longer remunerated under the EEG and then market them."

    Oliver Welling, STEAG Trading & Optimization

    Profitable electricity marketing for plants without subsidies

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    How do plant operators benefit from concluding a Green PPA?

    The long-term supply contract enables plant operators to generate predictable, secure income, even without EEG subsidies. STEAG secures the operator against the market price and structural risks from RE generation and also takes over the downstream energy management processes for the customer.

    What options do I have for the continued operation of my asset after the EEG subsidy expires?

    In order to secure the continued operation of the plant, we offer PPAs with a term of 1-5 years especially for plant operators of wind turbines. These secure the operators a fixed price for a predictable period and thus guarantee the continued operation and maintenance of the plant.

    Green power for your industrial operation

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    How do industrial customers benefit from signing a Green PPA?

    As an industrial customer you can improve your own carbon footprint and thus contribute to sustainability by not only ensuring the continued operation of existing renewable plants, but also by promoting the expansion of new plants. The long-term supply contract protects industrial customers against possible price fluctuations.

    Who can I contact at STEAG regarding Green PPAs?

    Your contacts at STEAG are Ralf Lattner and Sebastian Holzer.

    Ralf Lattner
    Tel.: +49.201.801-2431

    Sebastian Holzer
    Tel.: +49 151 26521069

    What is the best way to reach you?

    By phone or via mail. We look forward to hearing from you!