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  • Fuel procurement

    Reliable procurement for a reliable energy supply

    To be able to provide the marketed capacity in an economic and reliable way, power plants are supplied via fuel procurement at favorable conditions. We procure coal for our own coal-fired power plants and for customers around the world - and deliver it safely to the sites via our own logistics chain.

    • Coal Trade

      Coal Trade

      We manage fuel procurement centrally for our own power plant portfolio and for our customers. The bundling enables us to achieve volume advantages. To be able to react flexibly to requirement, price or currency fluctuations, we are active in the different countries of origin. To meet specific power plant requirements, we can procure varied coal qualities and produce coal blends.

    • Logistics


      To safely and economically transport the coal to our power station locations, we have developed our own logistics chain using transport routes and methods that are ideally matched. The coal is transported to the power plants via sea freight, inland vessels and then by rail. Thanks to several temporary storage facilities, coal can also be delivered relatively quickly.