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  • Flexibility marketing - individual, attractive additional revenues

    More profitability for electricity producers and consumers. We are partners to plant operators and direct marketers. Together, we leverage added value.

    We use our extensive expertise in the field of energy trading to support operators of power generation and consumption plants in electricity marketing and energy management processes. To this end, we currently have four different Flex. marketing offerings to choose from.

    Flexibility marketing at a glance

    "With your support, we can help make your facilities even more profitable."

    Philipp Brammen, STEAG Trading

    Our Flex.-products

    Flex- Classic

    • From plant-led operation to electricity market-led marketing
    • STEAG markets your plant on the day-ahead market according to your specifications

    Flex- Partner

    • Optimization of the plant according to an agreed marginal price
    • STEAG optimizes your plant independently according to mutually agreed criteria on the intraday market

    Flex- Reactive

    • Additional value through the plant's response to short-term electricity market signals.
    • In addition to the day-ahead market, STEAG also markets your plant on the intraday market according to your specifications

    Flex- Preventive

    • Reduction of balancing energy costs through suitable intraday transactions
    • STEAG acts independently on the intraday market on the basis of your actual driving mode to avoid balancing energy costs

    We help you to optimize the profitability of your plant


    By actively managing flexibility on the day-ahead and intraday markets, additional revenues can be generated and unnecessary costs, e.g. for balancing energy, can be avoided.

    24/7 Desk

    You can decide whether to make the trading decisions yourself or hand over responsibility to STEAG. STEAG's 24/7 load control center is available to you without restriction for this purpose.


    The products can be combined with each other, so that a suitable package is created for you and your needs.

    Who can I contact at STEAG regarding flexibility marketing?

    Your contact person at STEAG is Mr. Philipp Brammen.

    Philipp Brammen
    Tel. No.: +49.201.801-2435


    What is the best way to reach you?

    By phone or via mail. We look forward to hearing from you!