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    As the trading division of STEAG, we manage and market more than just the technical systems within the Group: trading partners and customers can rely on our know-how, our resources and our market access. Our product and service portfolio ranges from fuel procurement to asset management to the individual trade of electricity, coal, gas, currencies and emissions.

    As the trading division of STEAG, we not only manage and market the Group's technical facilities: trading partners and customers can also draw on our know-how, resources and market access. Our portfolio of products and services ranges from fuel supply and asset management to individual trading of electricity, green PPAs, certificates of origin, heat, steam, currencies, and emissions, and in future also water and oxygen.

    Starting with the fuels natural gas, waste, coal and the necessary logistics up to the power plant, as well as the procurement of emission rights, up to the refinement in the form of electricity and heat, the entire value chain is in one hand with us. This enables us to achieve the respective economic optimum at every point. Since we are active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as an energy trader on our trading floor, we can optimally control the management at any time and flexibly orientate it to current demand.

    We have access to all important national and international energy markets in which raw materials and power are traded. Thanks to this broad market access to more than 150 market partners, all options in the energy trade are open to our customers, both nationally and internationally. 

    Hydrogen will take an important position in the energy industry in the future and will complement the commodity portfolio, together with oxygen. We are already examining possible applications of water electrolysis at our sites and supply concepts for pioneers on the supply side.

    Our Products & Services

    Energy Trading

    Optimum energy marketing

    From load distribution on the intraday market to long-term management with a trading horizon of up to three years: on our trading floor we use all options for marketing our own and external assets.

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    Green Power Purchase Agreements

    Solutions for power producers and consumers

    STEAG supports industrial companies in sustainably converting their production and making a verifiable contribution to climate protection by using electricity from renewable energy sources. With our Green Power Purchase Agreements (Green PPAs), we supply green power from verifiably renewable energy sources and offer our customers planning security and protection against market price fluctuations through long-term terms and a customized pricing system.

    We also offer operators of renewable generation plants interesting options for the continued operation of their plants after the expiry of EEG subsidies. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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    individual, attractive additional revenues

    More profitability for electricity producers and consumers. We are partners to plant operators and direct marketers. Together, we add value.

    We use our extensive expertise in energy trading to support operators of power generation and consumption plants in electricity marketing and energy management processes. To this end, we currently have four different flexibility marketing offerings to choose from.

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    Hydrogen as an important building block for decarbonization and sector coupling

    The national hydrogen strategy of the Federal Republic of Germany envisages a significant expansion of hydrogen electrolysis in order to compensate for fluctuations in the electricity grid on the basis of climate-friendly produced hydrogen and sector coupling. At the same time hydrogen as a commodity will make an important contribution to the reduction of emissions in industry and the transport sector, among others. STEAG is already pursuing various business and asset ideas at its own locations and with potential partners. If you are also interested in the supply of hydrogen or oxygen or have ideas for joint asset projects, please contact us.

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    Fuel Procurement

    Reliable procurement for a reliable energy supply

    To be able to provide the marketed capacity in an economic and reliable way, power plants are supplied via fuel procurement at favorable conditions. We procure coal for our own coal-fired power plants and for customers around the world - and deliver it safely to the sites via our own logistics chain.

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    International Activities

    German know-how, international demand

    We are increasingly transferring our wholesale activities from our core market of Germany to other countries. The aim is also to manage the entire value creation chain from our own and external assets here.

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