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  • Proper Management 24/7

    As the trade area of STEAG, we manage and market more than just the technical systems within the Group: trading partners and customers can rely on our know-how, our resources and our market access. Our product and service portfolio ranges from fuel procurement to asset management to the individual trade of electricity, coal, gas, currencies and emissions.

    From the raw material of coal and its transportation across the oceans to the power plants, as well as the procurement of emission rights, up to the refinement in the form of electricity and heat - we have the entire value chain in one place. In this way, we can achieve the maximum economic potential at each point. As we are active on our trading floor as energy traders 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, we have optimum management control and can flexibly adjust to the current demand as required. 

    We have access to all important national and international energy markets in which raw materials and power are traded. Thanks to this broad market access to more than 120 market partners, all options in the energy trade are open to our customers, both nationally and internationally. 


    Our Products & Services

    Energy Trade

    Optimum energy marketing

    From load distribution on the intraday market to long-term management with a trading horizon of up to three years: on our trading floor we use all options for marketing our own and external assets.

    Asset Management

    Optimum adjustment of capacity to demand

    We control and optimize our own and external assets so that the energy production is always perfectly adjusted to the current demand –24 hours/day, 7 days/week. A large, diversified pool of assets improves adaptability, optimizes availability and enables portfolio effects.

    Our many years of experience within the STEAG Group enable optimum management of both conventional power plants and those plants that use renewable energies. We develop close-to-wholesale, non-standardized products for the management of our own and external plants.

    Fuel Procurement

    Reliable procurement for a reliable energy supply

    To be able to provide the marketed capacity in an economic and reliable way, power plants are supplied via fuel procurement at favorable conditions. We procure coal for our own coal-fired power plants and for customers around the world - and deliver it safely to the sites via our own logistics chain.


    International Activities

    German know-how, international demand

    We are increasingly transferring our wholesale activities from our core market of Germany to other countries. The aim is also to manage the entire value creation chain from our own and external assets here.