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    Five STEAG apprentices from the training workshop in Herne pass examinations ahead of schedule with good to excellent grades

    Herne/Essen. Since 2020, STEAG’s industrial and technical training in North Rhine-Westphalia has been centralized and conducted in a newly built training workshop in Herne. Here, the apprentices are trained in the professions of electrician, electronics technician or industrial mechanic. Thanks to their above-average performance, STEAG trainees regularly qualify for accelerated training courses and early final examinations. This year, five young employees completed their training after just three years instead of three and a half – all with good to excellent results.

    “Two years ago, we made a conscious and targeted investment in modern, high-quality professional training in Herne. As in the previous year, the results achieved by our junior staff prove that our decision was right and make us proud of our young colleagues,” says Dr. Andreas Reichel, Chairman of the STEAG Management Board and also Industrial Relations Director of the long-established Essen-based company.

    The young employees earning that praise are Kevin Kahl and Kevin Schiebener, freshly qualified electronics technicians for industrial engineering, and industrial mechanics Leon Börger, Artur Erl and Jannis Schroer. They all passed their exams with good, and in one case even excellent, grades – and that against the backdrop of an apprenticeship period that was overshadowed for long stretches by the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

    Electronics technicians in great demand
    With the qualifications they have acquired, the newly qualified trainees are in great demand. Kevin Kahl and Kevin Schiebener, the two electronics technicians for industrial engineering, have now taken up permanent jobs in various areas of the STEAG Group. “As an instructor, you are particularly pleased when trainees are offered career prospects in the company after successfully passing their exams,” says Drago Novak, head of the STEAG training workshop in Herne.

    Two of the new mechanics are now also working at STEAG, currently on temporary contracts – with the possibility of being taken on permanently at a later date. The third mechanic with the highest grade, who completed his examination with excellent results, will by contrast continue training as a master craftsman, starting at the beginning of August.

    Secure job prospects
    In times of a steadily growing shortage of skilled workers, which is leaving its mark on more and more sectors of industry, good training provides the best conditions for a successful start to a career. In this context, training at STEAG traditionally enjoys a very good reputation. “With the training workshop here in Herne, STEAG is playing an important part in opening up good career prospects and therefore opportunities in life for young people from the city and the region,” says Herne’s Mayor Dr. Frank Dudda. In this respect, STEAG not only has an economic and structural significance for Herne as an important energy hub in the Ruhr region, but also assumes social responsibility with the local training workshop.

    A service that STEAG is happy to provide, because the company also benefits: “In the end, both parties, the trainees and STEAG, have something to gain, as the recent results of the successful examinees show,” Andreas Reichel affirms. And at the same time he is recruiting further young talent: “Anyone who is interested in technical or indeed also commercial professions is in exactly the right place with us.”

    Have a look at jobs.steag.com
    The positions for trainees and career entrants offered at STEAG can be easily found on the company’s website. “It is very easy and uncomplicated to apply online, especially for a traineeship,” says Drago Novak.

    There are currently still four vacancies listed on STEAG’s online job portal for the 2022 training year – anyone interested can view them at jobs.steag.com and apply online with just a few clicks.


    Photo: „Rejoicing together over their successful completion of training (from left to right): Kevin Schiebener (electronics technician for industrial engineering), Leon Börger (industrial mechanic), Artur Erl (industrial mechanic), Jannis Schroer (industrial mechanic), and Kevin Kahl (electronics technician for industrial engineering).“