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  • Important module for supply security

    Large-scale batteries and battery storage systems will be more and more important for our power supply in the future. They enable strongly fluctuating renewable energies in production to be better integrated in the energy mix. This therefore increases supply reliability. With six large battery systems, STEAG is a pioneer in this sector.

    With the six large-scale battery systems established in 2016, STEAG is making an important contribution to the implementation of the transition to sustainable energy. They are used to smoothen frequency fluctuations in the power grid that are caused by the increasingly volatile supply from renewable sources and by fluctuations in consumption. Within seconds, they can take up energy from the power grid or feed it into the grid. This "primary control reserve" contributes to keeping the power grid stable and to safeguarding the security of supply. We at Trading & Optimization (T&O) are responsible for marketing the primary control reserve to the control power market.

    All services from a single source

    The services provided by STEAG in the area of battery storage systems cover the entire value chain – from planning to construction to implementation and marketing. Within the Group, we at T&O are responsible for the development of asset and commodity opportunities - and thus also for the development of the new asset class for large-scale battery storage systems. STEAG Energy Services supervises the technical planning and implementation, whereas STEAG Technical Service has wide-ranging competences and experience in the servicing of energy storage systems.

    Developing Innovations

    For the future, we see even more profitable application opportunities for large-scale batteries and battery storage systems, both in the provision of system services for network security and also for cost optimization and risk management at industry locations. We are currently reviewing further projects both at home and abroad as well as cooperation opportunities with market partners and customers. Please contact us.