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  • We are shaping the energy transition and developing the future - for STEAG and together with partners

    The energy market is changing rapidly: new ideas and concepts are required along the path to energy provision based on renewable energies. We can develop them - and implement them quickly.

    Within the STEAG Group, we at Trading & Optimization are also responsible for opening up new fields of business. In doing this we work closely with partners from different areas. As we are integrated within the STEAG Group and have access to its knowledge and resources, complex projects can also be implemented in a short time. The large-scale battery systems are proof of our impact: the time period from the decision to implementation and marketing was just one year! The accompanying diversification of the portfolio also means that we contribute to making the STEAG business more future-proof.

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    Our Innovations

    HydroHub Fenne

    HydroHub Fenne becomes real laboratory of the energy transition

    The project sketch, which STEAG developed together with other project partners and submitted to the "Real Laboratory of the Energy Transition" ideas competition of the Federal Ministry of Economics (BMWi), was selected from among 90 entries and evaluated as eligible for funding. With the selected projects, the Federal Government intends to accelerate the development of hydrogen technologies and the establishment of sector coupling and bring them to market maturity.

    Gas-fired Power Plant

    Project in Leipheim (Germany)

    In Leipheim (Bavaria), we are currently working with partners on a gas-fired power plant project with a capacity of around 600 MWel. If realized, it would be conceivable that the plant could be commissioned in 2023. Due to their high flexibility, gas turbine power plants are particularly suitable for compensating for the fluctuating feed-in of renewable energies and thus providing system services to stabilize the electricity grids. With its construction as a special network equipment (bnBm), the Leipheim gas-fired power plant is positioning itself as a partner of the energy turnaround for a secure power supply.

    Gas and steam Power Plant

    Construction of a gas and steam Power Plant in Herne (Germany)

    Starting in 2022, a combined gas and steam power plant will generate low-emission electricity and heat in Herne (Germany) using highly efficient combined heat and power (CHP). With a natural gas-powered turbine and a downstream steam turbine, it will generate an electrical output of 608 MWel. In addition, the power plant will cogenerate up to 400 MWth of district heating and, with an electrical efficiency of >60% and a fuel utilization factor of >85%, will be one of the most efficient and at the same time quietest power plants in the world. The power plant in Herne will replace the previous coal-based heat generation and thus make a significant contribution to CO2 -reduction.

    Battery Storage Systems

    Developing innovations

    Battery storage systems can take on many tasks within the transition to sustainable energy. The provision of primary control reserve, as handled by the six large-scale battery systems from STEAG since the end of 2016, is just one example. With the BASNA (Battery Systems New Applications) project, we are investigating further application opportunities for battery systems at home and abroad. We are open to project suggestions and/or cooperation. Please contact us.